AI-powered Legal Tech in a Human World: Should Justice be Served by a Robot?

By Anastasia Greenberg, Student, McGill University With Katarina Daniels, Lawyer, Liaison Librarian at Nahum Gelber Law Library, McGill University Imagine a world where robots are gainfully employed in the legal field. Traditionally, most legal associate work involves monotonous tasks such as sifting through hundreds of pages of documents to build a case, searching through thousands of results in a legal database, and drafting contract after contract with repetitive formats. While not exactly physical “robots”, artificial intelligence (AI) in the legal field promises to change all that by training computers to perform routine legal tasks with greater precision than human lawyers. A type of AI, Machine Learning, is the method behind Google’s search algorithms, driverless cars, and DeepMind’s success in beating the world champion in the game AlphGo. Now, AI has entered the legal field with great force. In 2018, investment in legal tech reached over $1.6 billion, representing a whopping… Lire la suite