Chronique du CTI – COVID-19 and the Courts: An Opportunity for Modernization?

By: Emmett Bisbee, Student, McGill University     With: Katarina Daniels, Lawyer, Liaison Librarian at Nahum Gelber Law Library, McGill University     TheCOVID-19 pandemic The COVID-19 pandemic has been a significant shock to theadministration of justice in Canada. Concerns about the spread of the virus,coupled with provincial emergency management orders limiting public gatheringsand travel, have made it impossible for courts and tribunals to conductbusiness as usual. Law firms across Canada were already making extensive use oftechnology to facilitate their practice prior to the pandemic, so thetransition to remote work was fairly seamless. The same cannot be said for courtsand tribunals. Fortunately, the judiciary has been able to leverage varioustechnological solutions to maintain some limited operations, though thetimeliness of responses varies. This article will consider some of the technologicalways that Canadian courts and tribunals have reacted to the pandemic and willthen highlight some of the challenges and considerations associated with… Lire la suite