Blockchain: An Unlikely Key to Improving Access to Justice?

Josh Shapiro, Student, McGill University Katarina Daniels, Lawyer, Liaison Librarian at Nahum Gelber Law Library, McGill University Among all legal technologies revolutionizing the practice of law, blockchain may represent the least understood, while ranking among those with the most potential for the future. Therefore, it is well worth examining a number of uses of blockchain in law. Former Chief Justice Beverley McLachlin has pointed out that one way Canadians must improve their justice system is by using legal technology to increase accessibility.[i] Christian Lang defines legal technology as technology that helps facilitate the practice of law and helps consumers access justice. This is precisely what blockchain can accomplish, in a number of ways. While initially closely associated with cryptocurrencies, blockchain’s applications have grown tremendously thanks to an increased understanding of one of its most useful functions, its capacity to act as a ledger and keep track of transactions. Blockchain stores… Lire la suite