The Robots Are Coming… But Not Yet

Kerrin-lee Whyte, Student, McGill University Katarina Daniels, Lawyer, Liaison Librarian at Nahum Gelber Law Library, McGill University In our modern world, information is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. With everything at our fingertips, consumers have started to demand more from traditional services, such as those offered in the legal field. When a person can easily obtain the laws governing their situation through a quick search on a free, user-friendly database, the purpose of paying lawyers fees’ for legal research, for instance, becomes unclear. Advances not only in mobile technology, but in technology more generally, combined with increased dissatisfaction with costs and delay of legal services, have led to the rapid growth of legal technology, or “legal tech”. Legal tech may be defined as technology affecting the provision of legal services, generally rendering work performed by lawyers more efficient.[1] Buzz in the media has surfaced surrounding legal… Lire la suite