Who Owns a Company’s Website?

By Sarah D. Pinsonnault When companies turn to outside consultants to register their domain names and manage their websites, they must ensure that their ownership is properly recorded and preserved in the process. If not, they risk facing serious problems later down the road should ever disagreements arise with the consultants. A written contract that clearly stipulates who owns the domain name and the vital information pertaining to the website (such as the passwords and names / coordinates of those who signed up to the companies’ newsletters) should therefore be drafted. Unfortunately, no such contract existed in the case of Roulottes Prolite inc. c. Lasanté, 2014 QCCS 4727. The Court had to therefore determine, based on the evidence put forth, the true nature of the business relationship that existed between the parties in order to decide on who owned the rights to the company’s website. ContextThe Plaintiff, Roulottes Prolite Inc.,… Lire la suite