Federal inmates working under the institutional program are not employees and cannot form a labour union

Par Annie Marquis In Jolivet v. Treasury Board (Correctional Service of Canada), the Federal Court of Appeal dismissed an application for a judicial review. Mr. Jolivet, incarcerated in a federal penitentiary, is a member of the Canadian Prisoners’ Labour Confederation (CPLC) which represents the inmates participating in institutional work programs. BackgroundMr. Jolivet requested the right for inmates to sign up membership cards of the CPLC. The officials of the Correctional Service of Canada refused his demand. Mr. Jolivet filed a complaint to the Public Service of Labour Relations Board stating a contravention to section 186(1) of the Public Service Labour Relations Act: “186(1) Neither the employer nor a person who occupies a managerial or confidential position, whether or not the person is acting on behalf of the employer, shall  (a) participate in or interfere with the formation or administration of an employee organization or the representation of employees by an… Lire la suite