Enforcement of Mandatory Mediation Clauses

By Michael Schacter Kaufman Laramée LLP The inclusion of mandatory mediation clauses has become commonplace in certain types of contracts. Consequently, the question arises as to whether a party can enforce such a clause and force its opponent into mediation, which by its very nature, is based on the consent and good will of the parties. Several judgments exist on the subject, with no definitive guiding principle. A new chapter to the debate has been added by the Honourable Justice Robert Mongeon in Ceriko Asselin Lombardi inc. v. Société immobilière du Québec (2013 QCCS 3624). In the scope of a construction contract, the parties agreed upon the following clause: “51.          NÉGOCIATION EN CAS DE DIFFÉREND Le Gestionnaire de projet et l’Entrepreneur doivent tenter de régler à l’amiable toute difficulté pouvant survenir au regard du contrat selon les étapes et les modalités suivantes : a)            en faisant appel à un cadre représentant le Gestionnaire de projet et… Lire la suite