Penalties May be Imposed on Those who Show Reckless Disregard when Filing Their Taxes

Par Sarah D. PinsonnaultRevenu Québec It is not uncommon for individuals to have someone else prepare and filetheir tax returns for them. With the deadline for filing one’s taxes fastapproaching, the decision Jack c. La Reine, 2013 CCI 1 servesas a reminder of how one must exercise a reasonable degree of due diligencewhen filing his/her taxes. If one has shown reckless or careless disregard indoing so, penalties will be imposed and, in the opinion of the Tax Court ofCanada, justifiably so.  The taxpayer in this case, Ms. Jack, is a registered nurse, teacher, andsmall business owner. Prior to the separation from her husband in 2008, thatlatter was the one who prepared and filed all of her tax returns. All Ms. Jackwould do was sign the form; never asking any questions. It later became known that in these previous tax returns, variousincomes were never reported. In 2008, being no longer with… Lire la suite