A long-awaited judgment as a step towards equal rights for transgender and non-binary people

The last few months have been marked by numerous uprisings and awareness movements related to social injustices of which visible minorities are indisputable victims. January was no exception. Indeed, on January 28, an historic win for transgender people was granted by the Superior Court of Quebec. The decision, greatly awaited for 7 years, finally clarifies the status of transgender people in the eyes of the law. Six provisions of Civil Code were declared unconstitutional by the judgment rendered by the Honorable Gregory Moore, j.s.c. in Center for Gender Advocacy c. Attorney General of Quebec, 2021 QCCS 191. Context The case brings out numerous factors contributing to proliferate the discrimination that transgender and non-binary people face on a daily basis. As the plaintiffs are or represent people who are non-binary, transgender or intersex, they explain how these gender identities differ and how the several articles of the Civil Code of Quebec… Lire la suite