Chronique du CTI – Moving from Books to Blockchain : The Need to Expand Legal Technology Education in Law Schools

By: GregorioLentini, Student, McGill University  With:Katarina Daniels, Lawyer, Liaison Librarian at Nahum Gelber Law Library, McGillUniversity                 Over the pastdecade, the legal industry has rapidly evolved. Law firms are expanding theiruse of technology, both in depth and in breadth, within their practices. At notime has the shift been clearer than during the COVID-19 pandemic, where lawfirms across the world successfullyand seamlessly transitioned to a remote work environment, sometimes evenwithin 24 hours. The pandemic will likely accelerate the “technologization” of thelegal practice: smaller firms may recognize the cost-savings of operatingentirely virtually, and partners in large firms, who were previously skepticalof new technology, may become accustomed and open to using new platforms. Withcertain courts expanding their virtual footprint, and lawyers increasinglyturning to legal tech for assistance, there is a growing need for law schoolsto incorporate legal technology into their curricula.   Before going further, it is important to distinguishwhat is… Lire la suite