It Is Wise to Develop a Thick Skin When Entering the World of Politics

By Sarah D. Pinsonnault In GM Développement inc. c. Caron, 2014 QCCS 2612, the plaintiff, areal-estate developer, decided to sue two Quebec City residents for havingallegedly damaged its commercial reputation and incited a referendum to opposethe plaintiff’s construction of a residential building. Inresponse, the defendants filed a counter-suit for abusive action and argued that the plaintiff’s motion was solely aimed attrying to silence their dissenting opinions, which normally should be protectedin democratic settings. Context The neighbourhood in question is described as an old residentialdistrict that, within its commercial area, has no building greater than twelvestoreys. On the site of a former gas-station, the plaintiff sought to constructa residential building named “l’Îlot Irving”. The plaintiff had its construction plans, namely a building varying in 3to 9 storeys with some social housing units, approved by various municipal authorities. However, the defendants disapproved of this project and increasinglymade their discontentment known to others through… Lire la suite